New photos from  our golden meetings added.The first one was on 28th Dec. There were 7 goldens and their owners taking part in. Mr. Janusz with Jaksa( from Adecatos Kennel), Aga with Emi (from Kalifamily kennel), Olga and Selena, Sandra and Candy (from Kalpirinia kennel)
Asia with Goldie( from Firstfield kennel) and me with my dogs.
It was very nice to meet you All.Our dogs had fun and we took a lot of pictures of them.
Sandra and her Candy visited her family in Poland on Chrismas Holiday and because of this  we decided not to waste the time.The last meeting was so nice that we repeated such a fantastic „golden party„ JJ on 2th Jan 2010.The company was very nice. There were Mr.Witold with Goldie (from Szczęśliwy Słoń kennel), Mariusz with Marley( from Owocowy Ogród kennel), Basia with Luna and Asia with Goldie( from Firstfield), Sandra and Candy (from Kalpirinia) and me with my boys.
Both albums you can see in Our Gallery – Meeting with our friends.


I have done some changes and updating on my site, by adding new photos of my dogs and our friends.
And I have not finished yet, so you will see more new things here.



We came back from National Dog Show in Ustroń. There were 7 dogs entered in our class, we got 4th place. For more information, just look at Kay Shows.

Photos from swimming with Agnieszka and Emi in gallery - Meeting with Friends.


I added some photos from Dog Show in which we took part - Kay on show in Racibórz 2008.

National Dog Show in Raciborz, more details in  KAY SHOW RESULTS. Our friends took part in this show too. They  won  first  place and  gold medal.

Sunny weekend ? So let's go to the place where is a lot of water. This time we went swimming with Natalia and Cezar. Photos can be seen in Gallery - Meeting with our friends.


Such hot weekend is ideal for out-doors activities So we invited our friends and went swimming.
We spent Saturday with Agnieszka and Emi, next day with Natalia and Cezar.
We had good time. If you want to see how we spent last weekend just go to the Gallery-meeting with our friends.


Saturday meeting with Agnieszka and her Emi was very nice and we have all a lot of fun. We decided to make such nice meeting once again on sunday.The photos from this golden meeting you can see in
gallery-meeting with friends.


Today we had a nice golden meeting with Agnieszka and her Emi.Pictures are added in Gallery.

18 May 2008
We have taken part in National Dog Show in Bytom. More details you can see in KAY SHOWS AND GALLERY.

* * *

18 August 2007
We invited Dorota and Grant, Basia and Emi for walking and swimming. You can see the pictures in gallery-meetings with friends (3 albums).

10 August 2007

Some photos from visit of Sandra and her Candy in gallery - meetings with friends.

We took place in the National Dog Show in Raciborz, go to Kay's and Deriel's Dog Show to see more.

Dorota and Grant visited us, we showed them the place where we spend time every day

1 May 2007
We were invited for " Majówka " at Magda's

25 April 2007
New gallery " meetings with our friends " added

31 March 2007
new photos in Deriel's gallery

* * *

some new photos added both in Deriel gallery and friend gallery

some new photos of Kay added in his gallery

show results from Chorzów

new Kay and Deriel's show results

the gallery of our friends is enriched with some new photos

updates on kay and deriel's dog shows, I put some new photos into kay's gallery and gallery - my dogs tohether

I added new photos to Kay's and Deriel's gallery

I added the German version of my site

Our page start




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